Looking to the future with confidence and competence, taking advantage of the talent and know-how of Aldo Coppola.

Question of hands. But also of brain and heart. This is the mix that made Aldo Coppola an icon of international fashion. A “Made in Italy” signature known and appreciated all over the world. Those who saw it even once on the stage said: “I would like to be like that”.
One of the greatest ambitions of the Master has always been to make his tree put many branches and then many leaves and then flowers to no end. For this reason he wanted around him a solid and articulated structure, competent and highly trained collaborators, trainers who have in their DNA their history, their knowledge and their incomparable enthusiasm. And here is his magic can be captured. Appreciating his talent becomes an attainable goal. Ambition, the desire to emerge, the desire to fully express one’s potential, the search for safety and prestige are the goals reached by those who decide to enter the world of Aldo Coppola.

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